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  Maps of Diamond Lake, Bayfield County, WI
Thanks to Tom Williams for producing this image map from the EROS Data Center aerial photo series. For a higher resolution version of this map in PDF format click (here). A version of Tom's map showing residents' locations is available to members of the Association. This image is from the USDA NAIP 1m aerial photo series. For a higher resolution version click here (PDF). Similar map images are available from Wisconsin View, the Environmental Remote Sensing Center at the University of Wisconsin.

Birding Hotspots in Ashland and Bayfield County
Bayfield county bird enthusiast Chris Masey created this map of birding hotspots (PDF).

Pioneer Road Fire June 2006
Our July 2007 newsletter carried a map and story about the area burned by the June 2006 Pioneer Road fire. Click on the (PDF) for a map of this area.

Watershed Boundary Map for Bayfield County
Link to a map of watershed boundaries in Bayfield county from the Wisconsin DNR.

Map of Diamond Lake Snowshoe and Hiking Trail
Here is a link to the Norwiski ski and snowshoe page where you can download a copy of the trail map for the area just west of Diamond Lake.