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  Lake use guidelines
  • Lake use guidelines (PDF) have been voted on and approved by a majority of the members of Diamond Lakers. These are the "common sense" guides for living on and using the lake that will minimize our disturbance to each other, to the wildlife, and which will preserve the qualities of Diamond Lake we all enjoy. Related documents pertaining to State and County regulations on boating, lighting, an shoreland zoning may be accessed below.
  • The Bayfield County Lakes Forum had a recent meeting discussing the use of floatplanes on county lakes. The following document was submitted to the Bayfield County Board of Supervisors summarizing the comments received and the Forum's position on this issue (PDF).
  • Short form of the State of Wisconsin boating regulations-2019 for motor boats and personal watercraft (PDF).

  • View and download the complete 2019 Handbook of Wisconsin Boating Laws and Responsibilities from the DNR website (here).
  • Bayfield County has created a Shoreland Lighting Ordinance (PDF) to minimize light pollution in areas around lakes to help preserve the beauty of the night time sky.
  • The State of Wisconsin DNR is in the process of revising the Shoreland Wetland Zoning statute, NR 115. A draft of the proposed revisions is here (PDF). Other information about shoreland zoning can be found on the DNR Shoreland Management Website.

Amanita muscaria beneath the tall Hemlocks of Diamond Lake. Photo P. Jacobel