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  Invasive Plant Species

Eurasian Water Milfoil

Our new sign (2009) at the public boat launch on Diamond Lake warning users about the crucial importance of washing down boats and trailers before entering the lake.

Eurasian water milfoil (EWM) (Myriophyllum spicatumis) is a devastating aquatic invasive plant of the highest concern in Bayfield County. It is carried from lake to lake on boats and in bait buckets, live wells and ballast water.

The image above is from a very useful pamphlet from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (PDF) showing how to identify EWM and distinguish it from native species.

The Wisconsin DNR maintains an informative website on Eurasian water milfoil and a second pamphlet from the DNR (PDF) describes measures that boaters can take to prevent the spread of EWM.

Wisconsin Water Guard Program: In 2008 the Wisconsin DNR hired nine Deputy Water Guard Wardens who are stationed throughout the state to assist boaters in helping to control the spread of AIS. Read the memo from Christal Campbell, DNR Aquatic Invasives Education Specialist and see the Wisconsin Water Guards at Work video for more information.

**NEW** The Bayfield County AIS Strategic Plan was approved by the Board at the April 15th, 2008 meeting and updated in 2011. This is an important and proactive document demonstrating the seriousness of this threat to area lakes. Stefania Strzalkowska is the AIS Project Coordinator for the county and recently spoke to the Diamond Lakers Association about the prevention of EWM and other invasives. Bayfield County maintains an AIS website with more information.

Adding an enforcement mechanism to the AIS Strategic Plan, Bayfield County also recently passed an Acquatic Invasive Species Transport Ordinance that makes it unlwful to transport AIS by boat or trailer.


Also see the item in our July 2007 newsletter and learn about preventative measures we are taking to protect Diamond Lake.