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  Fishing and Wildlife
Photo courtesy Tim Tully (2007)
Diamond Lake has been home to a breeding pair of Common Loons for a number of years. The photo above shows a female and one of her chicks (2007).

Eagle Watch

Eagles call in regularly at Diamond Lake, though a nest with a breeding pair was destroyed by the big windstorm in August of 2006. Click on the article from the July 2007 newsletter (PDF) for more information about our eagles.






Get the lead out

(From the June 2005 newsletter) As most lake property owners are aware, lead sinkers and jigs can kill or damage loons and mammals. One sinker can kill a loon in three weeks. The loons mistake the lead for gravel used to digest their food. Minnesota has taken positive action to prevent more lead from accumulating in lakes. There are regular tackle exchanges offered in July and August. (Most locations are located North of Duluth). Fisherpersons can bring in small lead tackle and receive samples of unleaded tackle. The new tackle is made from tungsten,glass, tin and bismuth....all nontoxic. A more extensive discussion can be found in the Sunday June 19 Duluth News-Tribune. See the July 2007 newsletter (PDF) for a list of tackle shops that stock non-lead sinkers.